Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What Should We Do?

This blog will be a free write of my personal thoughts. To be honest with you, to find a subject to write about I usually look at some of my class readings for inspiration. But for this blog I wanted to write about something important, or my own personal ideas and thoughts. 
Many things trouble the Alaska Native population today. Even though this topic might not be the most important, it still needs to be addressed. These days, the native youth are loosing their culture more and more as time goes on. As years pass, there are less opportunities for Native kids to learn their own culture. With our elder die, the knowledge that hasn't been passed dies with them. I myself am a victim  of this epidemic. Although i dont like to admit it, i am not very hungry for any of this knowledge which saddens me. Instead of learning about my own people, i play my x-box. 
Sure, there are various culture camps and potlucks. Its not like nothing is being done to help the situation. But there can always be more to help, Alaska as a state needs to stand up for itself and make big changes. Changes that help everybody, regardless of race, age, social class, or anything else. So now I ask you, what should we as a people do to help get the youth involved into their own culture. I ask you to brainstorm just a little bit, you never know what you might think of... After that, brainstorm about how to make Alaska a better place to live... Finally, Spend time to think of an idea to help the world, because you can!

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Gregory Lukin said...

Sick blog mike. Wish mine was as good!!!!!